Aaron Collis

"For every inch of darkness, there is an equal amount of light"


My Story

Hi my name is Aaron Collis and here are a few things I would like to share with you:

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Fav colour: Blue

Passion in life: Music/Singing/Performing

I’ve always felt at my most comfortable being on stage. Since I was a young tacker sporting a mullet and a cheesy grin imitating John Farnham to family and friends, I knew my main path in life was always going to include some form of performing. Whilst studying at the Johnny Young Talent School, I found out early on in my childhood that singing was my main performance strength. I continued my music studies through high school and sang in several bands and even WON the solo vocal competition in my High School culture exchange!


Not wanting to be a ‘starving artist’ however after high school, I balanced corporate life with several music projects until I finally hit the big time…Well, the South Australian big time. In 2004, I became…A FUNKEE! Interestingly, I wasn’t really a kids person (I mean who likes screaming kids on planes, trains…or anywhere to be exact?!) but getting up on stage as ‘Disco D’ for a locally iconic kids band was truly euphoric. Seeing children’s faces light up whilst performing onstage or signing autographs after a show was joyous.  I had a lot of exciting moments during my time in the band including the recording of a DVD and several CDs, but NOTHING compared to performing in front of 35,000 people at the Elder Park Carols. No drug could EVER reach that high!


Following my decision in 2015 to move on to new projects, I slowly phased myself out of the Funkees and wrote a brand new Fringe show with my former funkee band members. Two Brunettes and A Gay… has been a far more raucious cabaret venture which has allowed me to grow as an artist, and a human being. You name another man who has gotten up on stage interpret dancing in the middle of rundle mall in nothing but a wig and firmwear by kmart! And interestingly this brings me to my most important topic. Resilience and Self-Confidence.


I grew up with the kindest, loving, compassionate and giving family In the world. I have had it pretty bloody good! But growing up in 90s/2000s Adelaide was not without its challenges. For every bit of confidence, I felt an equal amount of rejection. Being bullied through my school life I was always told I was too fat, too ugly, too short, too tall, too feminine, too weak. TOO GAY!! I was teased so much in High School that I was left with Shingles paralysis in time for my year 12 formal. HELL I even remember running 6 blocks at warp speed to avoid being gay bashed on Australia Day In 2011. Yes..2011…not as long ago as you might think.


But as I sit here and write this, I remember that every time I let out my tears and though about giving up…I would listen to the wise words of my family (especially my beautiful Mum who I miss every day), put on a Madonna CD, channel my inner strength and get myself back up again. Performing on stage means you can own your own superstardom and be proud of who you are whilst dancing in the spotlight to a crowd who cheer you on. And the biggest lesson I have learnt from performing on stage after all these years is that I don’t have to wait to get up there to be a superstar. I already am one. I cheer myself on. And that ultimately is a result, of resilience and self-confidence.


Two Brunettes And A Gay