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Stephen Zanker

Born in Adelaide, South Australia

Lives & works in Adelaide


How long have I been passionate about art?

I have had a passion for art ever since I was a young boy. I enjoy the challenge of looking around in my environment and reproducing what I see as realistic, abstract or sometimes a fusion of both.

What are the main mediums I use?

I mainly work with acrylics and oil paints & I love to sketch and draw new concepts also.

What is my qualifications and training?

I am mostly self taught however I have completed a year of visual arts at university and have attended many short courses run by other professional artists.

What am I trying to achieve with art?

I love exploring the balance of light and darkness and would like to sustain a balance between abstract and reality with my works. I believe there are two types of reality, the one we experience externally and the one we experience internally. Part of me uses art to evolve as an individual however most of it is because I have a practical passion and love for the subject.

What is your creative process and inspiration?

I get the majority of inspiration from nature and the people around me mostly. My creative process involves sketching out an idea that flows into my mind and then developing that idea further. I love to switch between a state of flow and thought when painting.

What are your hopes for the future?

I am always keen to learn new techniques and methods. I am hoping to work collaboratively with other artists, improve my own skills, and win some art prizes.

"Even though I do not play a musical instrument, I hold high value for, and have a lot of respect for musicians in our society"