Charlie Sharples

"Adelaide is a big country town, don’t change too much"


My Story

Hi my name is Charlie Sharples and here are a few things I would like to share with you:

Favourite colour: Blue

Ethnicity: Aboriginal

Passion in life: Family, History and Football

I am a Kaytetye man from central Australia, I was born in Alice Springs then moved to Darwin NT. Growing up in Darwin I was surrounded by a lot of family and friends, which shaped the way I am today. My core values are family and friendship as they are and always have been the constant in my life, the real driving force for me to excel in football and work.

I had the opportunity to attend Rostrevor College as a boarder for the last 2 years of schooling, it came with a lot of struggles mentally as I was away from my family and comforts. With encouragement from my family and the level of support I received from the college and the Sturt Football Club at the time drove me to complete my studies and graduated year 12. After I finished School, I went into the Dept. For Education as a trainee again it was a new environment for me and was taken aback but I used all resources at my disposal work colleagues, friends, family etc. and know I am in my 10th year in Government.

If I had any advice to give to any person that wanted to try new things whether it be work, moving away is value the support/communication from family/friends/ colleagues as they want nothing but the best for you and they will always be there for you to pick you up when you need it, push you when you feel stuck ultimately it will drive yourself to want to excel in certain aspect in your life.

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