Original Oil Painting by Stephen Zanker

60.5cm x 91cm canvas


I created this painting around the time I was waking up to the rhetoric I was playing over and over inside my own mind. I was coming to the realisation that my thinking and emotions are just a part of me. Fear to me was something I used to run away from. When I pursued art as a passion I realised that because Fear is just a part of me then the rest of me should look at it and work out why it is sticking around. I wondered why I entertain fear soo often when it isnt really serving me. I was presented with a lot of emotion which attracted may other people who fear things too. As I empathised with the people who surrounded me I was compelled to work out how to face fear. I realised that since I have been given unconditional love by my wife Vicki, and having realised I have a passoin for art, I can easily face fear and even walk through it. Fear presents itself to distract me from my real focus which is unconditional love. So I wanted to represent that if you hold onto your passion and project unconditional love, you can walk through any thought that is scary and see what is REALLY on the other side ;)

Walking through fear

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